Electronics Made Easy at Innovation Garage: An introduction

Author: Singaram
Sector: Startup
Industry: Education

Innovation Garage (IG) is an electronics and robotics ed-tech company with a unique pedagogy of teaching math and science through robotics. Its motto is empowering the next generation of innovators - children aged 7 and above till 18. However, it also conducts training for university students, working adults, parents and seniors who are interested in robotics and wish to teach others.

Through a self-designed Microbit extension board, the company conducts classes on remote-controlled Microbit cars and smart homes, where participants learn to do the wiring and coding. The Microbit is a small microcontroller popular in schools that have an inbuilt antenna and Inertial Measurement Unit and can be coded via blocks/Python/JavaScript (See microbit.org).

Microbit ext board

IG also teaches architecture and block-based programming of kid-friendly microcontrollers like Arduino, mBot and Raspberry Pi .

Led by the charismatic founder, Gabriel J Perumal, and a dedicated team - his family, 3 NTU students Nelson Lin, Surya and Ravi Singaram as well as Tamil Representative Council Vanigavettai team Murugakrishnan, Dharmaraj, Sathya, Surya, Rubini and a large pool of volunteers, IG has a right blend of technical expertise and business acumen.

Below are a few samples of what they do:

Winning 2018 Young Technopreneurs Challenge

You can feel free to check out their other projects at www.innovationgaragesg.com , Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Their detailed list of further projects, including a pushup counter, dementia robo doll car, smart water meter and IoT kits, are also at google documents.

Their reputation has fetched them multiple ventures educating underprivileged children under HP and young girl engineers under the Digigirls Microsoft programme. They may soon be expanding their teaching to the needy overseas.

To join hands with them and test out their robots and electronics that kids and adults alike can't wait to get their hands onto, please feel free to contact Gabriel J Perumal at +65 96530164 and jumpstart your coding journey.

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